A Custom Picture Framing Guide for Beginners

Framing is more than hanging a great picture on a wall. Selecting the right frame for your art complements the interior space while accentuating a photo or art. Choosing a picture frame can be a time-consuming and tedious affair if you don't know what to look for or where to start. Here are useful tips for choosing a suitable custom picture frame


Many picture frame buyers do not know how to identify the ideal frame to complement a piece of art. Notably, frame material is a vital consideration before buying a picture frame. Different pieces and styles work best with various framing materials, including wood, metal, gold and silver leaf, and resin. Most frame materials, such as wood and metal, are available in different colours, finishes, and thicknesses. Metal frames are simplistic because they enhance an image rather than draw attention from it. Also, metal adds a crisp finish to an image. Alternatively, wood frames contribute to the elegance and warmth of an image due to their rugged look.  

Picture Frame Size

The size of a picture frame plays a critical role in as far as photos and artwork are concerned. Therefore, you should measure your picture's length and width to help choose a frame that accommodates the piece. Note that the orientation of a picture, whether portrait or landscape, should be considered when taking measurements. Besides, the unit of measure is critical when ordering a custom frame because measuring in inches is different from measuring in centimetres. 

Custom Frame Style

With many picture framing styles available, you must find the right custom frame style that suits your art or photo. Some of the custom framing styles to bear in mind include straight fit or full-bleed, matted, and float mounting. Straight fit refers to framing around a picture without using any matting. Therefore, the lip of the frame overlaps a thin margin of the picture on each side. A full-bleed framing style is ideal for oversize pieces, which do not require a mat. On the other hand, a mat is a traditional form of improving a framed picture, such as art prints, personal photos, and memorabilia. Matting adds focus, allure, and impact to a photo or artwork, creating more space around it. Note that when incorporating a mat in a custom frame, it is vital to choose an acid-free mat that cannot yellow a picture. Another frame style is the float mounting style, which allows a picture to sit on top of the matting, leaving space around the edges. The framing style creates a dramatic but subtle effect, which improves a picture's appearance on any wall. 

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